KOROs konferanse «Kunsten å utvikle en by» i Hovinbyen

Project funding – formidling og kompetanseutvikling

KORO støtter formidlings- og kompetanseutviklingstiltak som bidrar til økt kunnskap om og interesse for kunst i offentlige rom. Vi behandler søknader fortløpende og det er ingen søknadsfrist. Søk nå!

Artists, curators, art centres, municipalities, county councils and other individuals or organizations involved in public art can apply for funding to support initiatives designed to promote public engagement or professional development (lectures, courses, seminars, conferences, publications and so on). Processing time is two to four weeks.

The maximum amount you can apply for is NOK 100,000. At least 20 % of your total budget must come from sources other than KORO.

KORO will only consider your application if all the mandatory fields are completed. Please note that it is not possible to save a partially completed form and return to it later. Accordingly we recommend that you assemble all the information you need before starting work on the form. All documents you upload must be saved in one of the following formats: PNG, JPG, or PDF. The maximum file size for each attachment is 10 MB. If any file is larger than 10 MB you will not be able to submit your application.

If your application is approved, generally we will pay the funding after completion of the project. You must submit a final report (including your project budget, accounts and documentation) to Public Art Norway within three months of the end date of your project. You must submit this report via our online form. If necessary, we can pay out some of the funding before your project has concluded. If this is relevant for your project, you must submit a written request explaining why you need early payment.

If a recipient of funding breaches the funding conditions, Public Art Norway reserves the right to withdraw the funding, including requiring repayment of all or part of the funding. If a successful applicant’s involvement in the project is scaled back after Public Art Norway has approved the funding, Public Art Norway reserves the right to reconsider its decision, and may revoke approval of the funding.